IntelliChief: Building Beyond the Basics

May 27, 2020 2pm EST | 1pm CST Your Desk!

Save Your Spot

Companies are facing incredibly tough decisions when it comes to planning for the future with limited budgets. Although the “new normal” has raised the stakes, there is room for improvement – you can do more with less.

Over the last 10+ years, IntelliChief has consistently upgraded our platform to provide our customers with the tools to become more efficient and productive. Just because you may be on the latest release, you may not have enabled many of the new functions that would make your company more efficient.  We will continue that tradition in our webinar exclusively for IntelliChief clients, IntelliChief: Building Beyond the Basics. You will learn about the latest features and benefits that can create the ultimate tool for efficiency during this unprecedented time.

  • Capture Enterprise: The latest version of Capture includes a variety of data capture functions, line item recognition, and zonal identification. Coupled with our advanced capture technology, this solution will save you thousands in manual data entry and storage costs.
  • Remote Access and Workflow: IntelliChief’s mobile-friendly browser lets users view, save, add notes to, and approve documents on a smartphone or tablet. All the project information and transactional documents that they could previously only access on desktop are now available in the palm of their hand.
  • Voucher 1,2,3: IntelliChief’s voucher 1,2,3 matching window allows users to perform complex two and three-way matching procedures of invoices whether OCR is used or not.  Users can see PO quantities ordered and what’s been received all within one single interface.  Coupled with your ERP specific voucher build and users can create the invoice voucher automatically in your ERP.
  • Workbench: check out the new Workbench which includes a robust document viewer, advanced inbox, and search screens. The Workbench is intended for IntelliChief users that workflow documents, and utilize integrations from ERP/business applications.
  • Visual Workflow Designer: makes it easy to map out and automate your core business process. You can create, test, and implement new workflows without custom coding; the drag-and-drop interface is designed for users without a technical background.
  • Retention Manager: automatically dispose of your old documents at the appropriate time (or deliver them directly to an authorized user, who can manually approve the action). You can create purge policies and hold policies for each individual document, or each type of document, allowing you to easily lifecycle-manage all your corporate content


Ernie Labbe

Chief Product Officer

Ernie Labbe is the Chief Product Officer for IntelliChief.  He manages the company’s worldwide professional services organization, collaborating with customers and partners to ensure successful roll-out of IntelliChief’s award-winning ECM solutions.

Mr. Labbe has spent over 20 years in senior management.  His roles focused on customer-facing operations and services for data, voice and software vendors that have supplied product and services to wireless, wireline, and large enterprise customers.

Prior to IntelliChief, Ernie was Senior Director of Operations & Services of Tatara Systems (acquired by Taqua, LLC). Early in his career he held management positions in service delivery for companies including Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems.



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