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Ken Anderson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Frictionless Automation Strategies to Enhance Business Performance

Learn how content management, process automation, and elimination of paper and manual processes deliver business benefits. This session will help you assess what processes are appropriate for automation and why, what automation looks like in real-world examples, and how businesses just like yours can benefit. You will:

  • Learn to identify processes suitable for automation
  • Understand the relationship between content management systems, workflows, and high-volume / transactional content
  • Examine the increased visibility and improvement to business performance that comes with real-time analytics guiding you

Attendees will be able to return to work and evaluate processes suitable for ECM and automation. They will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the ROI of automation and will have the opportunity to take part in a complimentary ROI consultation specific to their business.

May 19, 2020 2pm EST Your Desk!

Ken Anderson is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntelliChief. He is responsible for the management, leadership, and strategy of all sales, alliance, and marketing functions.

Ken has more than 15 years of industry experience in the document, process, and content management software space. Ken began his career as a new business sales representative at Quadrant Software. In that role, he set records in Salesforce for revenue and helped over 200 companies, including Kraft Foods, Phillip Morris, and Abbott Laboratories, recognize the value of integrating Document Management technologies.

Ken is a frequent speaker at ERP-specific conferences and local user groups across the United States. He specializes in helping businesses integrate content, workflow, advanced capture, and document management systems into core business applications. He also sits on the board of Aprix Solutions, a startup, he co-founded in 2010. Ken has also proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

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