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Ernie Labbe

Chief Product Officer








Manage Document Life Cycles with IntelliChief Retention Manager

Companies are facing incredibly tough decisions when it comes to planning for the future with limited budgets. Although the “new normal” has raised the stakes, there is room for improvement – you can do more with less. IntelliChief is here to help.

Companies are required to retain certain records (such as financial statements, invoices, and personnel files) for pre-determined periods of time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to maintain boxes or filing cabinets that cost you thousands in overhead. Locating, reviewing, and purging documents on a regular basis is extremely time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large archive and multiple file formats. With electronic files and automated retention policies, IntelliChief makes compliance easy.

Join us for Manage Document Life Cycles with IntelliChief Retention Manager and see how easy it is to retain your electronic files for easy storage, retrieval, and maintenance. During this webinar, you will walk away with a complete understanding of records management:

  • LIVE DEMO of IntelliChief’s Retention Manager
  • Easily comply with any corporate document retention policies that were implemented internally
  • Retention Manager is effective for internal audits and regulatory audits (SOX, HIPPA, SEC, etc.)
  • Provide proof of compliance with document retention requirements
  • Create a unique record retention policy for each type of document from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Human Resources, and more
  • Review custom user permissions for viewing, editing, and purging documents
  • Discover how specific users can approve and hold documents, and release other users’ documents from the hold queue
  • Demonstrate data security protections; provide a complete record of each time a document was opened, edited, or processed
  • Gain valuable storage space, and have fewer files to search through
February 11, 2021 2pm EST Your Desk!

About the Speaker:

Ernie Labbe

Chief Product Officer

Ernie Labbe is the Chief Product Officer for IntelliChief.  He manages the company’s worldwide professional services organization, collaborating with customers and partners to ensure a successful roll-out of IntelliChief’s award-winning ECM solutions.

Mr. Labbe has spent over 20 years in senior management.  His roles focused on customer-facing operations and services for data, voice, and software vendors that have supplied products and services to wireless, wireline, and large enterprise customers.

Prior to IntelliChief, Ernie was Senior Director of Operations & Services of Tatara Systems (acquired by Taqua, LLC). Early in his career, he held management positions in service delivery for companies including Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems.

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