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Ken Anderson

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Advantages of Automating PO and Non-PO Invoices for JD Edwards

Are you trying to achieve a modernized and automated back-office? Streamlining your AP processes should be at the top of your to-do list. Manually processing PO and Non-PO Invoices is time-consuming and a waste of company resources, especially when it requires collaboration between departments. As more hands touch an invoice, the more likely it is to be lost, double paid, or subject to significant late fees.

Join us for our upcoming webinar “Advantages of Automating PO and Non-PO Invoices for JD Edwards.” You will learn everything you need to know about the benefits of automated invoice processing in JDE, including:

  • Classifying each non-PO invoice based on the transaction type
  • Pull GL codes from JDE, reducing costly, manual data entry errors
  • Route your invoices to the right people, right from the start by eliminating interoffice snail mail
  • Ability to assign GL codes remotely, without requiring access to your accounting system
  • Automatically create the invoice voucher in your JDE system without manual keying

General ledger (GL) codes help you organize your expenses. Coding your Non-PO Invoices as you receive them (even in the field) makes it easier to process invoices – but doing so can be more complicated than you might expect. Register for our webinar and you will walk away with the ability to determine your company’s return on investment by using our tested JDE Automation ROI Calculator.

September 22, 2020 2pm EST Your Desk!

About the Speaker:

Ken Anderson

Ken is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntelliChief. He is responsible for the management, leadership, and strategy of all sales, alliance, and marketing functions.

Ken has more than 15 years of industry experience in the document, process, and content management software space. Ken began his career as a new business sales representative at Quadrant Software. In that role, he set records in Salesforce for revenue and helped over 200 companies, including Kraft Foods, Phillip Morris, and Abbott Laboratories, recognize the value of integrating Document Management technologies.

Ken is a frequent speaker at ERP-specific conferences and local user groups across the United States. He specializes in helping businesses integrate content, workflow, advanced capture, and document management systems into core business applications. He also sits on the board of Aprix Solutions, a startup, he co-founded in 2010. Ken has also proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.


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