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Leif Peters

Senior Software Sales Account Executive at IntelliChief








Going Beyond a Point Solution for Accounts Payable Automation

More than ever, executives and leaders are taking time to evaluate the overall health of their businesses. They are identifying inefficiencies that span multiple departments and zeroing in on the cause of their financial impacts.

Some may have the knee-jerk reaction to patch up their problems with point solutions, and although they can be cost-effective in the short term, they fail to address the bigger and more complex issues affecting productivity. Would you rather rely on multiple software applications that can lead to greater organizational roadblocks down the line, or a single, integrated system that grows alongside your company?

Join us for our webinar, Going Beyond a Point Solution for Accounts Payable Automation to see how IntelliChief works with your Infor ERP (LX, XA, System21, BPCS, PRMS) to support a seamless, automated experience for your Accounts Payable Department. In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Review the pros and cons of a point solution versus a fully-integrated enterprise content management solution
  • The level of customization available in a system that is designed for your business processes, not the other way around
  • The value of a real-time integration with Infor ERP (LX, XA, System21, BPCS, PRMS) throughout the entire AP process
  • How to maximize touchless invoice processing, allowing your team to focus on the true exceptions
  • The convenience of having data accessible whether an employee is in the office or working remotely
  • The importance of having all stakeholders connected in one automated workflow with access to the same consistent data
  • Improving process visibility to avoid bottlenecks before you lose the opportunity for early pay discounts
  • The ability to expand your solution to other business areas that will streamline your business and provide an unparalleled level of visibility

With an enterprise content management and Accounts Payable automation solution, your data is captured, integrated, and accessible across multiple areas of your business. IntelliChief ensures data quality and consistency as a single source of truth integrated with your Infor ERP (LX, XA, System21, BPCS, PRMS). Join us to see how IntelliChief can help your company reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity.

April 28, 2021 2pm EST Your Desk!

Leif Peters

Leif Peters, Senior Account Executive for IntelliChief, has 16+ years’ experience in Document Management / Enterprise Content Management software solutions for document process optimization and automation. 7+ of those years specializing in Paperless Process Management Solutions for Procure to Pay Automaton and Orders to Cash Automation. He has a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in these areas, and best practices solutions for them.

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