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Ken Anderson

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Best Practices for Touchless Accounts Payable Automation in Infor (BPCS / LX, MAPICS / XA, LN, PRMS)

Today, Accounts Payable Automation is considered a business-critical function within the back office. Having an efficient AP department is so much more than tracking broad KPIs such as time to process or cost per invoice. The goal of AP Automation is to maximize straight-through processing (STP) or “touchless” invoices. You need tangible KPIs help to gauge your STP rate and the overall effectiveness of your solution, such as the number of “received not vouchered” invoices eliminated and percentage in reduction of invoice exceptions. But how do you identify the features that contribute the most to this important aspect of AP Automation?

When comparing AP Automation tools, it’s easy to overlook seemingly simple business situations that need to be considered when implementing automation tools. But the details of your workflows matter and they can make a huge difference in getting straight-through processing rates that are best in class. Join us for Best Practices for Touchless Accounts Payable Automation in Infor (BPCS / LX, MAPICS / XA, LN, PRMS) to learn how to identify these important features.

In this webinar, our AP Automation experts will cover:

  • The importance of real-time integration with your existing Infor (BPCS / LX, MAPICS / XA, LN, PRMS) ERP
  • Automating the matching process
  • Converting unit of measure differences automatically when the ordered quantities are different than the invoiced quantities
  • How to achieve an 80 percent reduction in received not vouchered rates
  • Easy-to-use workflows that tell users exactly what they are expected to do
  • Converting part numbers when you and your supplier use different item numbers for the same part
  • Expediting multiple approvals, routing, and processing of invoices
  • The impact of a mobile-friendly process to handle out-of-office approvals and routing procedures
  • Coding shipping charges, taxes, and other variable fees that are on the invoice, but not on the PO

AP Automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to choose a vendor that understands your business process and can adapt proven best practices to your company’s needs. Join us for Best Practices for Touchless Accounts Payable Automation in Infor (BPCS / LX, MAPICS / XA, LN, PRMS) and see how IntelliChief can improve productivity within your Accounts Payable department.

January 28, 2021 2pm EST Your Desk!

About the Speaker:

Ken Anderson

Ken is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntelliChief. He is responsible for the management, leadership, and strategy of all sales, alliance, and marketing functions.

Ken has more than 15 years of industry experience in the document, process, and content management software space. Ken began his career as a new business sales representative at Quadrant Software. In that role, he set records in Salesforce for revenue and helped over 200 companies, including Kraft Foods, Phillip Morris, and Abbott Laboratories, recognize the value of integrating Document Management technologies.

Ken is a frequent speaker at ERP-specific conferences and local user groups across the United States. He specializes in helping businesses integrate content, workflow, advanced capture, and document management systems into core business applications. He also sits on the board of Aprix Solutions, a startup, he co-founded in 2010. Ken has also proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

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