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Ken Anderson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing








AP Automation for Oracle EBS: A Proven Methodology for Success

Accounts Payable can be considered the backbone of any company, which means improving the efficiency and productivity of this critical department can make a significant impact on your success. Eliminating manual data entry, reducing bottlenecks, and increasing your bottom line are just a few reasons why AP Automation should be a high-priority goal in 2021.

There are many tools to help you manage an Accounts Payable department, including document management, approval routing, workflow automation, and more. But what is the right combination for your company? How do you start an AP Automation project? What are the common pitfalls when implementing AP Automation? How do you justify the ROI to senior management?

Join us for AP Automation for Oracle EBS: A Proven Methodology for Success, where IntelliChief’s automation experts will explore a proven methodology to help you develop an actionable plan for automating in 2021.

You will learn about a proven methodology for AP Automation for Oracle EBS, including discovery, implementation, training, and more:

  • Learn why many implementations fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes
  • Understand how business goals need to drive technical implementations
  • Discover why real-time integration with Oracle EBS is imperative when looking for immediate ROI
  • Identify and review your steps for managing AP Automation to eliminate redundancy
  • Create a clearly defined roadmap for implementing AP Automation tools
  • Review the potential ROI for an AP Automation project

Join us for AP Automation for Oracle EBS: A Proven Methodology for Success and you will walk away with a complete understanding of a paperless AP Automation process and how you can create a business case to take to your senior management team.


January 26, 2021 2pm EST Your Desk!

About the Speaker:

Ken Anderson

Ken is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntelliChief. He is responsible for the management, leadership, and strategy of all sales, alliance, and marketing functions.

Ken has more than 15 years of industry experience in the document, process, and content management software space. Ken began his career as a new business sales representative at Quadrant Software. In that role, he set records in Salesforce for revenue and helped over 200 companies, including Kraft Foods, Phillip Morris, and Abbott Laboratories, recognize the value of integrating Document Management technologies.

Ken is a frequent speaker at ERP-specific conferences and local user groups across the United States. He specializes in helping businesses integrate content, workflow, advanced capture, and document management systems into core business applications. He also sits on the board of Aprix Solutions, a startup, he co-founded in 2010. Ken has also proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

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