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Presented By:



Leif Peters
Senior Account Executive







Webinar Series

Competitive Advantages for Manufacturers in Automation of AP and Order Management

As a Manufacturer, trying to find the right partner to deliver true automation for your accounts payable and order management processes can be daunting. It may seem like these solutions are a dime a dozen and do the same thing, but if you’re a manufacturing company, you may be surprised that one size does not fit all.

The marketplace for automation solutions is rife with stories of under-budgeted projects, below-par implementations, and frustrated buyers who purchase an automation solution only to not realize the benefits across their enterprise. But how do you determine what the right partner can deliver?

State-of-the-art automation solutions for Accounts Payable and Order Management Processing provide proven implementation approaches to eliminate human intervention and any process blunders. 

Join us for Competitive Advantages for Manufacturers in Automation of Accounts Payable and Order Management and learn the secrets to unlocking the full potential of automation, such as:

  • How to increase efficiency by automating workflows across multiple departments such as purchasing, engineering, credit, Accounts Payable, and more.
  • What to expect when you increase management visibility into internal processes and make cross-functional improvements by capturing key documents (e.g., merchandise procurement, inventory receipts, and more) – all within a jacket connected to your ERP system.
  • Streamline and reduce the time it takes to handle complex financial processes unique to all manufacturers like make-to-order and make-to-stock.
  • Key metrics for processing orders, payments, and credit verification
  • Outlining the key detailed analysis required to manage complex financial processes when turning to automation
  • Providing any savings manufacturers should expect from automation solutions
  • Unlock the hidden secrets behind a successful automation project

Join us today to gain tools to unlock the potential of automation in your manufacturing business and earn a competitive edge.


May 18, 2022 2pm EST Your Desk!

About the Speaker:

Leif Peters

Leif Peters, Senior Account Executive for IntelliChief, has 16+ years’ experience in Document Management / Enterprise Content Management software solutions for document process optimization and automation. 7+ of those years specializing in Paperless Process Management Solutions for Procure to Pay Automaton and Orders to Cash Automation. He has a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in these areas, and best practices solutions for them.

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